Hybrid CNC - CNC milling and sawing machine!

CNC milling - No programming skills required!

The new Flextos Hybrid CNC machine is made to fullfill the increasing demand on quality, design and efficiency in dry wall construction.

The Hybrid includes a large touch-panel interface and intuitive software making it easy to create and produce CNC designs for drywall without having to do any CNC programming. No special programming skills are needed to operate the Flextos Hybrid CNC

Flextos' Hybrid CNC offers a wide range of attractive features for the operator. Listening to the customers need was important during the development process. Hybrid’s software includes built-in presets including circles and different standard cut outs and shapes An open-source G-code converter converts drawings done in CAD programs to machine language. Made to give you ultimate control of your designs.

TOP Features:

  • automated milling and sawing process for gypsum shapes
  • pre-set standard forms like circle cut outs and access door cut outs
  • simple and efficient process to mass production of gypsum shapes
  • Intuitive software handling
  • import function for external CAD files
machine size: L: 4900 B: 2200 H: 1200 mm
weight: 470 kg
max boad size: L: 3700 W: 1400 H: 60 mm
power requirements 400V 16A in US: 480V 3 phase
CNC system: Gantry CNC system with 2.5 axis stepper motor
Feed rate 12 - 14meter per min

The unique software allows almost no limits in designing your drywall. Various shapes and cut outs are a child's play.

A Teach-in function allows you to create a CNC program similar to "painting by numbers".

The unique milling and sawing sequence allows a very efficient mass production of gypsum shapes.

Gypsum boards, cement sheets wall board, MDF material, Alucobond