Supercut XPS - pre-fabrication made perfect

Supercut XPS, a stationary board milling machine for maximum versatility

Supercut is a revolutionary system that makes creating intricate drywall shapes and assemblies much more affordable. Projects requiring a lot of manual cutting or involving complex curves have always been cumbersome and time-consuming for builders. Now even the most challenging assemblies can be completed more efficiently with less finishing, less labour and fewer materials.

The Supercut XPS system will be operational in just a few minutes. Its unique folding design allows the system to be folded and transported from one floor to the next, using standard construction elevators. Supercut XPS also has castors on its centre legs so it can be easily moved to its next job location.

Supercut XPS is easy to operate with electric machine head controls, dust-free milling and sawing. Now even the most challenging assembly can be produced and installed in minutes in one piece - no bead, no finishing.

Save time. Install one piece only once.

Reduce costly trim and finishing.

Improve quality. Perfect corners inside and out.

Perfect columns without the usual hassle and lead time.

cutting length

cutting width


power requirements
up to 3,600 mm

up to 1,500 mm

180 kg

110/220 V   50/60 Hz
table dimensions




4,000 mm

1,950 mm

800 mm

Supercut mills a perfect corner, using gypsum, wood, and plastic or even cement board. Precision-engineered grooves allow material to be fabricated into rigid and precisely aligned assemblies. Supercut-milled corners, especially drywall, are clean and precise, thus minimizing the need for additional finishing materials, saving time, labour and material costs.

Create intricate drywall shapes and structures with flextos Supercut much more affordably than the conventional way. Projects that require a lot of manual cutting or involving complex curves have always been cumbersome and time-consuming for builders. Now even the most challenging details can be completed much more cost-effectively, requiring considerably less finishing time and materials.

cement sheets

MDF boards