Contract Manufacturing in Drywall Construction

Application Case

With our state-of-the-art machinery we have been producing mouldings and semi-finished products for drywall professionals and the construction industry since 2008. We are continuously expanding our machine pool as well as our product range to meet our customers‘ requirements in an innovative and flexible way. Among other machinery, we use our cutting-edge CNC milling and milling/sawing systems. And this way, new possibilities in the production of moulded parts will open up for you: we will pre-fabricate forms and shapes, which cannot be realized in conventional drywall construction, precisely as per your requirements and specifications.

What else?

The high-quality workmanship of our mould components (clean edges, consistent quality, etc.) and, above all, the considerable reduction of the construction time secure your competitive advantage.


Shopping Centre, Croatia

For the expansion of the largest shopping centre of Croatia, a Supercut XP system was installed on site and operated in two shifts. In total, approximately 15,000 linear metres of mouldings were installed. The deployment of this system made it possible to precisely meet the schedule – all our work processes were completed even 6 weeks prior to the planned deadline.

Hilton Hotel Decoration, Berlin, Germany

For the expansion work in the Hilton hotel in Berlin, Germany, a Supercut XPS system was installed on site to realize the complex ceiling constructions in a professional and timely manner. All folding elements were milled there and installed directly.

With our Supercut XPS we were able to realize the sophisticated ceiling constructions as well as all necessary folding elements in perfection.