Supercut XPM - mobile, quick, precise

Supercut XPM, a mobile and automotive milling machine for simple one-man operation on site

The Supercut XPM is the first automotive and portable milling machine. Its special design is a perfect tool for pre-fabrication at the job site. The XPM system is very easy to use: just press the button and let the machine do the job. The automated feeder ensures a perfect V groove on your gypsum boards.

your benefits:

1. easy to use + one-man operation

2. precise + fast

3. clean and dust-free

4. excellent price-performance ratio

cutting length:          up to 3,300 mm

cutting depth, saw:   up to 35mm (optional)

feed rate:                   8 m/min max.

power requirement: 110/230 V   50/60 Hz

power consumption: 1.5 kW max.

optional sawing unit