Plant engineering - know-how from a single source,
a service offer by esmo automation

esmo automation is your specialist and partner for the development, construction, production and integration of intertwining and interrelated plant components in the field of mechanical engineering. Only if all the numerous processes have been attuned to each other, i.e. harmonized, and everything goes like clockwork, you will be able to achieve a maximum of process optimization and, thus, the highest degree of efficiency.

esmo automation provides full-service packages to plant operators, i.e. to end users of plants: in close cooperation with you, our customer, we will develop a plant concept precisely meeting your special and individual requirements, which we will subsequently implement and realize in a consistently transparent process. After the transfer and commissioning of your plant, we will further accompany you – at your request – as your partner for all service and maintenance requirements. For any technical questions, queries and/or service concerns you may have, we will be available at any time. Even in international automation projects, esmo automation will remain your single point of contact throughout the entire project.

plant engineering – esmo automation designs, manufactures, and assembles plants and machinery as per customer specifications and individual requirements

Plant engineering by our definition

In our understanding, plant engineering comprises the employment of several, individual base frames – with attachments/extensions, such as conveyor belts, AGVs or the like – which will be positioned to and aligned with each other, thus resulting in the intended, process-optimized function or operation.

According to our definition, the significant difference between plant engineering and custom machine engineering or special machine construction primarily lies in the size. In contrast to the more compact custom machine engineering, the challenges of plant engineering are more complex and comprehensive. Customer-specific demands on us, as automation experts, include the development, the production as well as the integration of intertwining and interrelated plant components for the implementation of a large variety of processes.

Plant engineering by esmo automation: individual planning, high-precision manufacturing, quick assembly

esmo automation combines all skills and competencies under one roof: our staff, consisting for instance of system integrators, automation technology and vision system experts as well as highly qualified assembly specialists, excels with extensive knowledge of and profound experience with various systems and manufacturers. This offers us a wide range of possibilities, which we use as a basis to develop and design your customized, innovative solution in-house – with short coordination and decision-making channels, of course.

At first, we will analyze all individual process steps and develop suitable and appropriate technical components. In the next step, these plant components will be joined, adapted, adjusted, and optimized. Automation technology and a control and monitoring concept will complete the plant. It goes without saying that aspects such as a conscious approach to (natural) resources, disposal, and occupational safety will be integrated in our plant concepts. And this way, we develop, design, and realize plants precisely as per your wishes and requirements.

Our service portfolio comprises all tasks and assignments associated with consultation, conception, production, installation, commissioning as well as service and maintenance.

Plants and machinery designed and produced by esmo automation are employed in most diverse industries. We focus on the areas of control and drive engineering, robotics as well as optics and sensor technology.

plant engineering – robot with vacuum gripper
plant engineering – pneumatic system
plant engineering – automated packaging plant

Typical aspects of plant engineering

Component transport

  • conveyor belts, haulage roads
  • linear conveyors, step conveyors/step feeders
  • vibratory bowls, vibration conveyors/vibration feeders
  • rotary tables

Component handling

  • robotics, industrial robots, 6-axis robots, SCARA robots (Stäubli, Denso, Universal Robot etc.)
  • portal systems (2-, 3-, and multi-axis portal systems)
  • individual positioning axes with electrical or pneumatic actuators

Component testing

  • optical inspection
  • quality testing, quality assurance
  • camera inspection systems, vision systems (Cognex, Keyence)
  • laser scanner, IR scanner (SICK)
  • laser marking, laser labelling/laser marking (bar codes, data matrix codes, QR codes etc.)

Component positioning and assembly

  • welding with IR lasers
  • glueing with dosing systems

Control technology and sensor technology

  • PLC control system (Siemens, Panasonic, Rockwell)
  • PC-based control (Beckhoff etc.)
  • centralized control system structure and/or decentralized control system structure
  • CAN bus connection, Ethernet connection
  • remote maintenance

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