Industrial robots employed by esmo automation will be integrated in production lines in order to perform partial production processes. They typically conduct precise and highly dynamic motion sequences, thus rendering them beneficial for optimized and most efficient, automated production chains.

Among other fields of application, our robotic cells are used in quality assurance, in picking and placing, sorting and packaging as well as in assembling and processing operations. Depending on their fields of application, industrial robots may be individually and flexibly equipped with a large variety of tools or gripping devices.

Portal Robot with Linear Fence
Robot Gripper
Robot Arm

Sensor-equipped robots can perform test processes and may thus also be embedded in metrological procedures, for instance.

However, it is not only due to their high process reliability that robotics are currently undergoing a rapid development in the field of image recognition and processing.

At the same time, the high degree of operating speed and force of industrial robots requires an equally high level of safety precautions to prevent any personal injuries and/or equipment damage. The monitoring of designated safety areas will, for example, be conducted by light barriers and camera systems.

In technical terminology, industrial robots, which are additionally enclosed by safety guards or protective panels, are referred to as robotic cells. As stand-alone systems, these largely self-sufficient plants are frequently used to perform entire production processes – however, these robotic cells may also be integrated in production lines.

Our automation systems use applications of various renowned robotics manufacturers, preferably Staeubli, Denso, and Universal Robots – if requested, however, ABB, Epson, Bosch, Fanuc, Panasonic, Yaskawa, and Mitsubishi as well.

In our selection of applications we are not tied to any of the above-quoted manufacturers though. This allows us to choose from an extensive product range, and offer you the best robotics solutions as per your individual specifications and requirements.

Plant robotics

  • industrial robots with up to 6 axes
  • jointed arm robots (SCARA)
  • delta robots ("spider robot")
  • collaborative industrial robots
  • gantry robots

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