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SLE Technology GmbH is a leading, global expert for coating, cleaning, and analyzing the technical cleanliness of electromechanical components as well as for the integration and optimization of processes in upstream and downstream sequences.

It is part of our philosophy to ensure that these processes are environmentally friendly and sustainable which is also the perspective from which we will address all requirements and challenges of the future.

In the wake and as part of Industry 4.0, our systems "communicate" automatically and report any changes of requirements and alike. With the technologically refined procedures we have developed, they may be integrated in a variety of most diverse processes: smartly developed + thoroughly tested = reliable use.

SLE Technology GmbH (Ltd) was founded in Grafenau, Lower Bavaria, Germany, in 1992. Within a short period of time, SLE advanced to become a worldwide supplier of quality assurance systems for the production of wrap connections and cable harnesses. In the last years, SLE has placed further emphasis on high-quality coating and finishing preservation systems in the area of surface technology. Beyond that we focus on the product expansion of integrated solutions for surface cleaning in the sectors of industrial production: water-based cleaning systems, which can be used everywhere, in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

Our quality and environmental policies indicate that holistic quality can only be provided if environmental protection is ensured at all times. For this reason, SLE Technology GmbH has implemented and maintains a quality management system in compliance with the standards of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

In addition to manufacturing and developing technologically advanced products, SLE offers its business partners an optional, comprehensive service portfolio for the installation and maintenance of SLE systems. Nevertheless, it is our maxim that error prevention takes precedence over troubleshooting.

Our employees are a valuable asset and the heart and soul of our company. Not only are they highly qualified in their fields of specialization, they also continuously improve their skills and expertise in advanced trainings units and programs.  Our corporate culture, relying on team work and lean management structures, allows our employees to feel like being part of the constantly growing SLE family – and they, in turn, show their appreciation and commitment by providing exceptional work and excellent performances.

Aside from our business relations throughout Europe, the USA, and Asia, the integration of local suppliers has contributed to our competitiveness and enhanced responsiveness in the global market. Joint venture participation has furthermore strengthened our international customer contacts.

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