dib-changing system

quick + easy board change in less than a minute

  • quick + easy board change in less than one minute
  • highly efficient + time-saving operation
  • highest repeatability due to mechanical test head/handler connection during board change process
  • short-term return of investment
  • dedicated for final test
  • highest repeatability due to statically defined test head positioning
  • high locking force
  • single sequence operation for docking/undocking
  • adjustable docking force
  • force deactivation feature
  • adjustable z-stack
  • touch panel operation
  • programmable user interface
  • individual password-protected control options
  • cold test applicability
  • contact force fully compensated by locking system
  • default-type board orientation
  • durable + robust design
  • facilitated change from hand test to production mode
  • compatible with great variety of test head solutions