adjustable docking plate

  • one-person operation even for large test heads
  • adaptable to various handlers, probers, and test heads
  • universal engineering tool for easy and convenient handling/positioning:
    - 1D: z-axis
    - 2D: x-, y-axis
    - 3D: x-, y-, z-axis
  • various board positions with handler contactors for all types of tester/handler configurations
  • easy conversion of various test head types
  • compatible with test head dockings
  • adjustable z-stack
  • x-, y-, and z-positions moveable to contact sites without tool application
  • full access to contact site on handler/test head after undocking
  • solid mechanical actuation
  • modular design - adaptable to various test heads - with insert solution
  • guide pins for pre-alignment
  • various contactor positions with indexable locking bolt
z-stack adjustment  35 mm
x-axis motion 180 mm
y-axis motion 60 mm